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Project Summary

The subsurface beneath a currently busy, multi-business structure is delineated as the source area for impacted groundwater. The soil matrix is predominantly silt. Remedial DPT injections targeted migrating plumes emerging from the source area. ORIN first conducted a pilot test around MW- 3 and MW-4, proving the effectiveness of the combined treatment chemistries. BAM was allocated into two thirds of the DPT injection locations in a grid like pattern. The remaining one third injection locations received ABC+. Non-detectable levels of PCE were measured in MW-4 with no rebounding. ORIN later proceeded with full scale remedial activities around several additional target wells of the plume areas and a polish around MW-3. These results are amalgamated below.

Project Results

Baseline samples were taken prior to treatment to characterize the contaminant level and compare treatment reductions. The total reduction of PCE across the site is 92% from data collected the quarterly after the full-scale remedial action. MW-4 of the pilot test area continues to measure non-detectable concentrations of PCE.