Our Unique History

The company’s name, ORIN, stands for ORganic and INorganic chemistry — a nod to the types of reactions our solutions utilize.

ORIN Technologies was formed in 2002 as ORIN Remediation Technologies, focusing on the application of advanced oxidation processes in environmental remediation. As ORIN grew, individuals who possessed both technical and practical skills were hired as the foundation of the company. This strategy, which is still in place today, supports a business plan where proven project managers design, review, and execute our treatment plans. In 2011, ORIN established a water treatment division that promotes the application of our treatment technologies and methodologies across an expanded range of markets. The complexity and cross-disciplinary nature of environmental remediation projects, along with the need for effective coordination and oversight, make project management skills essential. This combination creates a unique platform of capabilities to address critical challenges.

What We Offer 


We were one of the first companies to successfully remediate some of the toughest PFAS challenges in the country utilizing BAM to capture and microbes to degrade PFAS. We offer both historical insight and forward-looking sustainable approaches for environmental restoration.


Working throughout the project lifecycle till the site closure, we function as a stable business offering both historical insight and forward-looking support to your environmental remediation and wastewater treatment programs while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Sustainable solutions

In a world where environmental responsibility is paramount and the need for resources without contaminants is universal, our tailored bioremediation strategies harness the power of nature to clean up contaminants. We use natural, recycled, or non-hazardous materials to remove contaminants for long lasting results.


We have an in-house treatability lab with the ability to analyze a site’s contamination situation and apply the best treatment to remedy the problem. Unlike most environmental companies, ORIN has in-house technical expertise and technical field experience with a variety of in-situ and ex-situ methodologies to solve a client’s problem.


ORIN is a trusted chemical supplier supporting remedial projects with innovative products that are widely accepted by regulators. We are leading the industry with our patented and patent-pending products. ORIN’s products incorporate the latest advancements and can remediate and treat an extensive list of contaminants in virtually any matrix.


Our broad understanding of environmental and wastewater challenges allows us to recommend and guide optimal solutions which yield desired results. We provide full turn-key services beginning with process analysis, bench scale laboratory testing, complete trial/pilot scale activities, and the installation of full scale or permanent treatment systems till site closure.

Rocky Glen Waterfall located in Lemont, Illinois during early autumn.


We observe high ethical standards and run a business responsibly by offering high-quality products and services to meet our core industries’ environmental remediation requirements. Our clients and partners put their trust in us because we are leading the change towards a more sustainable and equitable future by remediating natural resources to create a safer and more efficient world.


  • Environmental Remedation

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Meat Processing

  • Agricultural Processing

  • Oil and Gas

  • Petroleum Refineries

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Container Recycling