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Project Summary

ORIN conducted direct injection treatment to target groundwater contaminated with Acetochlor and Metolachlor using BAM, a pyrolized cellulosic material. The remedial footprint of the site is 11,400 ft2, ORIN used 120 DPT points to evenly distribute the treatment chemistry across the site. ORIN also installed 5 extraction wells spaced out across the site and used a vac truck to aid in treatment chemistry distribution by controlling the hydraulic gradient on the site.

Project Results

Baseline sampling indicated concentrations of Acetochlor and Metolachlor at 56 µg/L and 6,300 µg/L within the groundwater immediately before treatment. The Acetochlor levels were reduced by 90.9% and Metolachlor levels were reduced by 85.5%.