"Our mission is to provide innovative remediation and wastewater treatment services using emerging and proven technologies resulting in total client satisfaction."

ORIN Technologies was formed in 2002 as ORIN Remediation Technologies, focusing on the application of advanced oxidation processes in environmental remediation. As ORIN grew, individuals who possessed both technical and practical skills were hired as the foundation of the company.   This strategy, which is still in place today, supports a business plan in which project managers design, review, and execute projects. This promotes continuity for our clients and an intimate understanding of each project for our project managers. In 2011, ORIN established a water treatment division which promotes the application of our treatment technologies across an expanded range of markets. Our distinct business units allow us to merge treatment technologies and approaches from two similar but often disconnected disciplines, creating unique treatment strategies.

ORIN owes its continued success to its technically diverse employees who have a wide range of experiences and provide unique insight into each of our projects. Our employees challenge one another to develop the best treatment plan and provide specialized solutions from a diverse suite of products and experiences.   Operations are conducted around simple, efficient, and effective treatment programs. Employees personally rely on one another to ensure safety practices are followed not because they “have to”, but rather out of respect to each other, each other’s families, our clients, and fellow contractors.

ORIN Technologies specializes in oxidation, bioremediation, reduction, and advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) to address specific issues in remediation and water treatment.

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