In-situ Treatment of PFAS


The airport tested the AFFF nozzle system every 6 months into grassy areas along the air strip. Across from the injection site, there are 9 potential release locations where PFAS may have been utilized including hangars, fire stations, storage areas, and firefighting equipment testing areas.

ORIN identified an approximate 1,600 sq-ft area to perform an injection event to remediate PFAS in groundwater. Four wells were installed prior to injection in order to characterize the groundwater concentrations and parameters. One well (PW-1) is in the center of the treatment area while the other three are around the perimeter. ORIN utilized a combination of BAM Ultra, Calcium peroxide, and PFAS Degrading Bacteria for 17 injection locations. ORIN utilized vacuum extraction as part of the injection process to assist in treatment chemical distribution. By coordinating the injection locations and rates with extraction, hydraulic movement of the groundwater can be controlled during the treatment amendment application

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