Remediation Techniques & Services

|Remediation Techniques & Services

Free Product Removal


Free Product Removal ORIN’s approach to free product removal utilizes chemical injection and simultaneous vacuum extraction via adjacent wells. Injection delivers a site-specific treatment chemistry through a series of borings designed to maximize coverage of the treatment zone within the formation. ORIN’s blend of oxidants and catalyzing agents allow contaminant mass to

Soil Blending


Soil Blending ORIN utilizes two primary methods of in situ soil blending, rotary mixing and excavation. Generally speaking, in situ treatment of contaminants avoids regulatory challenges associated with removing soil from a site as well as cost savings associated with transportation and disposal. Use of a rotary mixer or excavator allows for

Remediation Site Services


Remediation Site Services ORIN’s team has the knowledge, expertise, and time in the field to provide valuable insight during all phases of site evaluation, treatment planning, and treatment execution. Our expert understanding of treatment chemistries and their interaction with contaminant and geological formation allow us to provide viable and cost-effective treatment options.

Reductive Dechlorination


Reductive Dechlorination Reductive dechlorination is generally a slower process than chemical oxidation. It can be a more cost-effective alternative when rapid site closure is not required. ORIN utilizes two primary reductive dechlorination strategies, biological treatment and iron based reactions. Biological treatment is achieved by creating anaerobic conditions within the treatment zone and encouraging microbial activity