Healthcare Facilities


Healthcare Facilities Hospitals and long-term care facilities can be breeding grounds for dangerous microbes. In the past few years, antimicrobial-resistant strains of bacteria and viruses have become prevalent in healthcare spaces. Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) can be acquired by patients during their treatment in healthcare centers. While completely preventable, these infections lead to

Animal Agriculture


Animal Agriculture   Whether you have livestock, poultry, or aquaculture operations, the health of your animals is of the utmost importance. The overall health of your herd is quantified by livability, mortality, feed conversion, and weight gain. The spread of illness and disease can impact each of these negatively and with little

PureX Sport


Keep Your Locker Rooms & Sporting Equipment Clean     What it Does ORIN Technologies “PURE-X” product generates ultra-pure chlorine dioxide for maintaining clean, sanitary athletic environments. PURE-X is a solution of aqueous chlorine dioxide used to inhibit the growth of organisms such as spores, molds, viruses, fungi, and bacteria in all