Project Description

Wastewater Process Applications

Headworks – Rapid reaction rate allows for influent to be treated with minimal contact time, often within WWPT property lines.

Clarifiers- Treatment strategies to manage odor release from clarifier, influent, and effluent.

Activated Sludge/Aeration Basins— Properly applied, process will benefit activated sludge performance while treating a range of target compounds.

Anaerobic Digesters—Properly applied, process can aid digester performance, applied to effluent, treatment of target compounds.

Sequential Batch Reactors—Process aids in controlling odors, reducing septicity, eliminating filamentous bacteria, improving settling, improved BOD/COD removal.

Surge Basins/Lagoons—Treatment strategies to manage odor generation in surge basins and large impoundments.

Effluent – Rapid reaction rate allows for effluent to be treated with minimal contact time to manage odor release prior to leaving WWTP property.

Blowdown Tanks—Rapid reaction rate allows for odor compounds to be treated prior to release from process tanks.

Recycle/Process Water—Rapid reaction rate and minimal dosing requirements allow for treatment of compounds of concern with little or no process chemistry residuals.

Solids (Sludge) Dewatering— Rapid reaction rate allows process to flood sludge with free radicals, rapidly destroying odors with minimal residual to interfere with dewatering process chemistry. Improved cell lysis and dewatering of biosolids/WAS.