Project Description

Remediation Site Services

ORIN’s team has the knowledge, expertise, and time in the field to provide valuable insight during all phases of site evaluation, treatment planning, and treatment execution. Our expert understanding of treatment chemistries and their interaction with contaminant and geological formation allow us to provide viable and cost-effective treatment options.


Understanding what data is important and how interpreting it is the key to understanding any remediation project. ORIN Technologies can assist in creating plans for data collection, as well as, provide data analysis and comparison prior to and post treatment.


Successful remediation treatments are the result of careful planning. ORIN has the experience to help our clients design a site treatment plan that will deliver effective treatment while minimizing costs. ORIN can tailor custom treatment options for each site while respecting the needs and concerns of all stakeholders.


No plan can be successful without careful execution. ORIN Technologies has extensive experience delivering safe, successful, and cost-effective treatments in many environments and climates. Our teams and purpose-built equipment provide reliable and well executed treatment programs. The best plan can run into unforeseen challenges. While we pride ourselves on the best execution possible, we also understand that project implementation can have issues. ORIN’s implementation teams and on-hand equipment allow us to provide timely solutions for issues that present themselves.

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