Project Description

Reducing Agents

ORIN’s experience with a wide variety of chemical reduction processes means that we not only know how to safely and efficiently apply the treatment chemistry, but also that we have a deeper understanding of the reactions taking place. ORIN offers reduction chemistry as well as guidance on proper application for our remediation clients.

  • Zero Valent Iron
  • Bisulfite Chemistry
  • Acids (organic, inorganic)
  • Soy Bean Oil
  • ABC

Biological and Iron Based Dechlorination Strategies

ORIN has experienced great success with both biological and iron based dechlorination strategies used in tandem.  ORIN utilizes a proprietary blend of water-soluble carbon and suspended zero valent iron.  This provides the benefit of immediate reductive conditions to facilitate electron transfer coupled with long-term anaerobic activity provided by the additional carbon food source.

Treatable Contaminants

  • Chlorinated solvents
  • Some chlorinated aromatics
  • Nitroaromatics
  • Inorganics (e.g. nitrate and perchlorate)

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