Project Description

Pulp & Paper

ORIN Technologies has a combined 22 years of experience in treating wastewater streams in the pulp and paper industry. This experience allows us to understand well the dynamics of odor generation within mills and to generate efficient and cost-effective treatment strategies. In many instances, ORIN functions as a stable source of knowledge of our client’s wastewater systems in the face of constant personnel changes inherent to a competitive global pulp and paper market. ORIN works hard to provide solutions to challenges mills face, even when those solutions do not directly benefit ORIN monetarily.

ORIN has successfully deployed our AOTech process in addressing mill odor issues during normal plant operations as well as managing odors during annual mill shutdowns and tank draining events. We work to provide lines of communication between our client’s environmental and operations groups to ensure our mutual success.

AOTech Process

ORIN has deployed our AOTech process to successfully address odor challenges in these specific mill areas and effluent streams:

  • Mill Effluent

  • Fiber/Solids dewatering (clarifier underflow)

  • Foul condensate underflow

  • Crude Tall Oil underflow

  • Crude Sulfate Turpentine underflow

  • Dregs

  • White Liquor

  • Green Liquor

  • Black Liquor

  • Sequential Batch Reactors

  • Activated Sludge Basins

Pulp and Paper Mill Odor Compounds

“Orin has been very successful in treating odor causing compounds at our wastewater treatment system. They evaluated the causes, were very hands-on in the set-up, and stayed onsite multiple days after system startup to ensure there were no issues. They check up on the system frequently to be sure we aren’t having issues with the system. They ensure we are running the injection system as cost effectively as we can while still  minimizing odor at the wastewater treatment system. Always quick to reply when we need another tote ordered, and the tote always arrives quickly. We are very pleased with their product and service.”

ORIN Client

“ORIN eliminated odors in the primary clarifier and sludge, but the largest impact was delivered in the spill basins to remove odor and septicity to the aerobic bacteria present in the basin.  This successful treatment brought ORIN to another [pulp and paper] facility with the same problem in their sequential batch reactor and ORIN had tremendous success again.”

Wastewater Treatment Consultant

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