Project Description


ORIN offers in-situ remediation services by injecting treatment chemistries directly into the contaminated zone of the formation. In-situ applications are performed through either a direct push injection or permanent point injection.

Our Unique Capabilities

ORIN uses state of the art equipment that permits injection of treatment solutions tailored to the exact needs of the formation and contaminants. ORIN’s purpose-built project trailers contain all necessary treatment chemistry blending equipment. When on site, treatment chemistry is mixed in the site-specific blending vessels just prior to being injected into the targeted remedial zone by either direct push or permanent point injection.

ORIN’s purpose-built trailers are designed for near continuous injection at multiple locations within the site area providing efficient, time and money saving application of treatment chemistries. We use pneumatically driven, chemical resistant pumps which are continually monitored for flow rate, pressure, and total volume. Shut-off valves and spill/leak containment systems are positioned at numerous locations throughout the delivery system ensuring safe operations.


Vacuum extraction is sometimes used to facilitate removal of contaminated groundwater and/or non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) and assist in treatment chemistry application. As the treatment chemistry contacts adsorbed contaminants, the contaminants of concern (COC) may become mobilized and more easily recovered. Any contaminant that is recovered via vacuum extraction will result in less demand on the oxidant in the subsurface and more complete destruction of the COC.

In addition to enhanced contaminant recovery, extraction also provides ORIN with hydraulic control during the injection. Extraction can be used to draw treatment chemistry toward the most heavily impacted areas, as well as prevent excessive mounding of the groundwater. During the injection, a vacuum truck may be utilized at multiple monitoring wells/extraction wells simultaneously to more accurately control hydraulic activity and to improve desorption and injection efficiency. All wells in the target area may be utilized for vacuum extraction.

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