Project Description

Best Practices Using ORIN/SMT’s pure ClO2 for agricultural cultivation and processing

Regardless of the type of crop you are producing, pathogens such as mold, bacteria, and viruses can have a detrimental effect. Whether you are concerned about spoilage, mold, or food born illness, ORIN/SMT’s pure ClO2 provides a safe, cost effective option for treating your facilities and products without the need for complicated generators or solutions containing unwanted biproducts.

Our pure ClO2 is powerful enough be used to disinfect entire facilities and equipment, yet gentle and safe for use in raw and process wash systems for produce. It is effective in disinfecting irrigation systems to eliminate the spread of pathogens, algae, slime, and fungi during the growing process. This holistic treatment approach provides a level of confidence in growing and preserving the quality of your product.


The legalization of cannabis in Canada and regionally in the United States has created a new industry with unique treatment requirements to provide consistent growing conditions free from pathogens to maximize yield and profitability. Preserving biomass post-harvest to avoid spoilage can be an equally daunting task. The selective use of chlorine dioxide in the growing and post-harvest process minimizes the threat of crop loss due to unwanted diseases, mold, and spoilage causing organisms. Our proprietary chlorine dioxide technology provides the necessary flexibility to generate a pure chlorine dioxide solution without inconsistent and costly generators or solutions containing unwanted biproducts.

ORIN/SMT’s chlorine dioxide products have been used to successfully address the following challenges:

  • Mold remediation on harvested product
  • Powdery Mildew in greenhouses, especially on seedlings
  • Bacteria and spore formers in irrigation and hydroponic water systems
  • Cross contamination in processing equipment
  • Algae in hydroponic systems