Project Description

Free Product Removal

ORIN’s approach to free product removal utilizes chemical injection and simultaneous vacuum extraction via adjacent wells.

Injection delivers a site-specific treatment chemistry through a series of borings designed to maximize coverage of the treatment zone within the formation. ORIN’s blend of oxidants and catalyzing agents allow contaminant mass to be desorbed from the formation for enhanced recovery while maintaining residual oxidant levels continue to degrade residual contaminant.

The Extraction Process

A “dip leg” or “stringer” is placed in the designated extraction wells and attached to a vacuum extraction truck. This vacuum extraction technique draws water and desorbed contaminant mass from the adjacent injection points removing free product, providing hydraulic control, and more precise treatment chemistry placement within the formation.

Injection and extraction rates are coordinated to create zones of impression and depression. Cones of impression allow treatment chemistry to influence the “smear zone”, enabling desorption and subsequent recovery of contaminants held in the smear zone. Cones of depression occur when fluids are being drawn at a higher rate toward the extraction wells allowing chemistry to contact the largest possible area allowing highly efficient free product recovery.

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