Project Description

Animal Agriculture


Whether you have livestock, poultry, or aquaculture operations, the health of your animals is of the utmost importance. The overall health of your herd is quantified by livability, mortality, feed conversion, and weight gain. The spread of illness and disease can impact each of these negatively and with little or no warning. Reacting to illness and disease through vaccinations and medication rather than through a proactive pathogen control program can be costly, and potentially catastrophic to your operation. Utilizing our simple, flexible process to passively generate pure chlorine dioxide in solution without harmful chlorate or chlorite biproducts provides a cost effective and reliable means of providing improved animal health for your operation.


ORIN’s ultra-pure chlorine dioxide products can help improve herd or flock health and increase profits. Our EPA registered products can be used as an antimicrobial water treatment to reduce bacterial and other pathogenic populations in water. Chlorine dioxide can also oxidize iron, manganese, phenols, and other floating particles decreasing turbidity which removes tastes and odors from the water, encouraging higher consumption. Chlorine dioxide has also been shown to prohibit the growth of bacteria and algae in drinking water systems, which can prevent buildup of bioslimes that harbor pathogenic organisms.

In Poultry Farms

When used in poultry drinking water, chlorine dioxide has been shown to:

  • Decrease mortality rate of flock
  • Increased weight gain
  • Improved feed conversion

In Hog Farms

When used in hog/swine drinking water, chlorine dioxide has been shown to:

  • Decrease mortality rate of litter
  • Reduce bacterial populations in water
  • Increase weight gain

In Dairy Farms

When used in dairy drinking water, chlorine dioxide has been shown to:

  • Increase milk production
  • Reduce bacterial populations in water
  • Decrease prevalence of scours