Active Railroad Yard – DPT Inject & Extract LNAPL

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ORIN successfully implemented Free Product Removal (FPR) in-situ chemical oxidation using catalyzed sodium persulfate to treat LNAPL, contaminated soil, and groundwater. Treatment chemistry was injected while the Geoprobe rods were raised throughout the target interval from 8 – 4 ft-bgs. A vac truck was present to remove LNAPL and desorbed contaminants while providing hydraulic control. Approximately 2,400 gallons of 20% sodium persulfate catalyzed with PermeOx Plus was injected into 47 DPT injection locations. A second polish injection was needed to achieve site cleanup goals. In June of 2011, 24 DPT points were injected with approximately 1,200 gallons of 20% catalyzed sodium persulfate treatment chemistry.

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