Ex-Situ Soil Mixing – Chlorinated Solvents

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ORIN successfully treated highly contaminated unsaturated soils using an advanced oxidation treatment chemistry by applying it while simultaneously mixing the soils with a modified excavator. Approximately 9,120 cubic yards of soil were treated ex-situ within contained treatment pits of 4-ft thickness. The treatment zone was excavated in 570 cubic yard batches. The treated soils were re-emplaced back into the excavation area. The catalyzed hydrogen peroxide treatment chemistry was applied at a 15% solution, but it was also applied at 12% or 20% based on the contaminant levels at that specific treatment locations. Baseline readings were first taken from each untreated batch to determine the amount of contaminant reduction needed to reach the site clean-up goal of below 0.5 mg/Kg for TCLP. After each batch was treated, a composite sample was analyzed to determine if the contaminant level reduction was below the site clean-up goals to re-emplace the soils in-situ or if more treatment was needed.

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