DPT Inject & Extract LNAPL

ORIN successfully implemented Free Product Removal (FPR) through in-situ chemical oxidation. Catalyzed sodium persulfate was injected into 30 permanent injection locations and PermeOx Plus was injected using 25 Direct Push Technology (DPT) locations. The permanent points were installed in advance of mobilization to the site and screened from 6 to 10 ft bgs, the DPT points also targeted the same interval. The permanent points were spaced in a grid like pattern with the DPT points evenly spaced within the injection grid to ensure complete coverage between each point. During the injection, vacuum extraction was utilized to remove LNAPL free product as well as heavily contaminated groundwater and control hydraulic movement. Over two treatment events a total of 21,236 gallons of 18% catalyzed sodium persulfate and 4,026 gallons of 10% PermeOx Plus were injected. The goal for the site was to eliminate LNAPL free product.