Ex Situ Chlorinated Solvents AOTech

ORIN successfully treated highly contaminated unsaturated soils using an advanced oxidation treatment chemistry by applying it while simultaneously mixing the soils with an excavator. Approximately 4,498 cubic yards of soil were treated and removed from the site during treatment efforts. The treatment area was divided into 25ft by 25ft individual treatments cells. Each cell was treated in 2 to 4 foot lift intervals, starting at ground surface to 18 feet below surface, based on the specific treatment cell. The catalyzed hydrogen peroxide treatment chemistry was applied at a 12% solution, but was also applied at 7% or 20% based on the contaminant levels at that specific treatment location. A mobile lab was contracted to provide onsite testing of the soils during the project duration. Baseline readings were first taken from each lift interval to determine the amount of contaminant reduction needed to reach the site clean-up goal of below 5 mg/Kg. After each lift interval was treated, a composite sample was analyzed to determine if the contaminant level reduction was below the site clean-up goals in order to be able to remove the treated soils or if more treatment was needed.