Chlorinated Solvents – Bedrock

ORIN successfully treated chlorinated VOC contaminated groundwater utilizing In-situ chemical oxidation. A pilot test was first conducted at the site to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of the approach and treatment chemistry. The injection wells were constructed of 2 inch PVC and nested to isolate specific treatment intervals targeting groundwater beginning at approximately 100 ft bgs to a total depth of 140 ft bgs. The geology in the treatment zone consisted of weathered sandstone with some limestone overlying dolomite. During full scale implementation, injections occurred at up to 25 different wells during 5 separate events over a two year time period. Approximately 25,000 gallons of a 2.5% potassium permanganate solution was injected during each event into wells. The approach was designed to treat the portion of the plume with CVOC concentrations >5μg/L, which was approximately 10 acres.