ORIN returns from central Nebraska having completed in-situ chemical oxidation project at an active gas station.  The objective of this project was to eliminate dissolved phase benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX) compounds.  Activated sodium persulfate combined with calcium peroxide was chosen as the right treatment chemistry.  Delivery of the treatment chemistry was performed by direct push technology.  Fifteen injection points each received 100 gallons of treatment chemistry.  A vacuum extraction machine was used to extract contaminated groundwater, vapors, and control the hydraulic gradient.  ORIN also periodically monitored groundwater for treatment chemistry influence by lowering a bailer into monitoring wells.  Following the use of a sodium persulfate test kit it was determined that the wells had been influenced by the treatment chemistry.  Three weeks after injection activities were completed a sampling event occurred. Sampling results showed that concentrations of BTEX compounds had been reduced to an acceptable level.

ORIN’s ability to perform injections at active gas stations is an important advantage to many of our clients.  ORIN personnel were able to coordinate with the client and the business owner in order to complete the project efficiently and allow the business to remain open.