The removal of color originating from dyes or process bi-products can be difficult to achieve.  ORIN is able to utilize advanced oxidation processes such as the AOTech process to achieve economical color removal.  ORIN Technologies has identified specific application methods which allow us to provide color removal without significant water chemistry changes.  The AOTech process has successfully removed color associated with fluorescein dye used in leak testing as well as color generated in paper and textile production.  By utilizing the AOTech process, ORIN can deliver an AOP with a minimal dosing system footprint and capital expenditure.  Simple jar testing of water samples provided to ORIN can establish whether or not economical, efficient color removal is achievable.  From this testing, ORIN is able to provide guidance on treatment costs and equipment requirements from which our clients can make sound decisions to perform pilot scale trials.


  • More economical than traditional color removal systems
  • More economical than traditional advanced oxidation processes
  • Minimal maintenance requirements than AOPs utilizing ozone
  • Compatible with almost every biological treatment system, including BNR systems
  • Speed of reaction allows treatment when retention time is minimal
  • Low cost delivery systems with minimal foot print
  • Scalable to high loading and flow rates

Industries Served

  • Pulp and paper
  • Oil and gas (midstream, downstream)
  • Textiles