Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment systems may require additional assistance from chemical treatments to insure peak performance or eliminate troublesome components.  Since treatment systems are as varied as the industries they serve, having an experienced partner in providing chemical treatment options and services is critical to your plant performance.  ORIN Technologies offers the technologies and experience to customize solutions to your specific challenges.  Our water treatment personnel have the collective biological, chemical, and mechanical knowledge to assist you in addressing odor issues, destruction of recalcitrant organics, and dye removal, among others.

Odor Control

The AOTech process utilizes a proprietary activator along with an oxidant to form potent hydroxyl radicals which in turn destroy a wide range of odor causing compounds.  The elevated oxidation potential afforded by hydroxyl radicals allows the process to control odors with astonishing speed, often times measured in seconds rather than minutes.  This reaction speed allows the process to be introduced in line as the water or sludge enters a treatment facility or as it is generated in industrial processes.  The AOTech process has been demonstrated to consistently remove >98% of the volatile organic sulfur compounds and sulfide within water and sludge streams.  Finally, the process is scalable according to loading and flow volumes, including daily variations in each.  These process attributes collectively provide a rapid, flexible means of total odor control.

Recalcitrant Organics

ORIN Technologies uses a variety of conventional and advanced chemical oxidation processes to treat many organic compounds.  Oxidation can destroy or break down organic compounds into smaller, less toxic molecules that can easily be treated by traditional biological means.

Dye Removal

Dye removal can be difficult to achieve.  ORIN Technologies’ advanced oxidation processes have been demonstrated to provide simple and economical dye removal solutions without the need to significantly change your treatment process.