Treatability study and Laboratory Testing

ORIN provides in-house laboratory testing (treatability study) to help ensure our client’s site specific goals are met. Lab testing prior to implementation in the field provides useful information. This information can be used to determine the most effective chemistry and required loading rates. In addition ORIN determines fine tune treatment chemistry mixture or concentration and project potential results achievable in the field.  Lab studies are performed using site soils and groundwater. Care is taken to utilize practices and procedures that mimic actual field application.

Treatability Study Services

  • Treatability Testing
  • Oxidant Demand Testing
  • Metal stabilization studies utilizing TCLP and SPLP procedures
  • pH buffering studies
  • Wastewater  treatment studies
  • Secondary parameter observations; including metals mobilization, ORP, pH
  • All analytical of volatile and semi-volatile organics is performed by a certified third-party lab

Treatability Testing

  • Multiple soil samples are treated with various proven treatment chemistries
  • Samples react for 2 or more weeks
  • Treated soils are analyzed for contaminants of interest
  • Control sample is analyzed as a baseline
  • Provides comparison between chemistry options
  • Shows the percent reduction achieved versus baseline

Total Oxidant Demand

  • Soils are dosed with a known quantity of oxidant
  • Residual oxidant is measured during the reaction time
  • Total oxidant consumption is calculated at end of reaction time
  • Mass of oxidant consumed, per mass of soil, provides total oxidant demand.
  • Results used to determine chemistry loading treatability testing, and for field application

Why ORIN’s Lab

ORIN’s treatability study procedures are performed by personnel who understand:

  • what information needs to be gained,
  • why the information is important,
  • how the results should be interpreted.

ORIN is able to design lab testing for each site based on the parameters that are important to the client. Orin also provides the most useful data possible. Ultimately, lab testing prior to implementation results in better remediation design.