In-Situ Remediation

ORIN offers project design, implementation, or full turnkey services of in situ remediation projects in which treatment chemistries are injected directly into subsurface contamination zones. In typical in situ applications, ORIN utilizes direct push injection through temporary geoprobe points or screened injection wells.  ORIN draws on years of experience, proven treatment technologies, and proprietary equipment to develop and/or implement a plan specific to our client’s needs.

ORIN uses proprietary injection equipment that permits the injection of chemical solutions to efficiently contact and treat subsurface contaminants. Injection equipment is housed in an enclosed trailer containing the necessary pumps, manifolds, mixing tanks, and control valves to execute the injection plan. When performed by our experienced staff, ORIN has the ability to perform simultaneous injection of up to four injection points from a single trailer. Additionally, ORIN utilizes real-time monitoring equipment to insure the precise dose is being injected at each point.  This real-time monitoring capability insures that proper subsurface chemical distribution is being attained as well as providing sufficient contact time within the formation to destroy the contaminants of concern.



  • Cost-effective
  • Reduces site restoration time
  • Short treatment time compared to air sparge or pump and treat systems
  • No permanent system needed
  • Minimal disturbance to existing infrastructure and operations
  • Accepted by regulatory community