ORIN Technologies’ remediation services specializes in the creation and execution of proven remediation processes in both in situ and ex situ applications.

Successful remediation of pollutants requires the correct technology as well as the experience and expertise to deliver treatment chemistry, even when faced with challenging site characteristics or difficult operating environments.

ORIN Technologies’ remediation services selects the most effective treatment process from a proven technologies list which includes chemical oxidation, reductive de-chlorination, bioremediation, metals stabilization, and encapsulation.  These technologies have been used to treat contaminants in or near industrial facilities, manufactured gas plants, active service stations, residential areas, roads, and waterways. ORIN has injected treatment chemistries immediately adjacent to navigable waterways and even inside operating industrial manufacturing facilities.  Our flexibility, creativity, and attention to detail provide our clients the results they need to avoid costly operational disruptions or additional engineering costs.

Treated sites contain a laundry list of pollutants prior to ORIN’s successful remediation efforts, including hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, coal tar, pesticides, fuel oil, heavy metals, and explosives.  Note that ORIN’s success is not mere happenstance.  ORIN’s success is based on years of experience, intimate knowledge of chemical reactions with both the contaminants and substrate, and a keen focus on safety for our personnel, partners, clients, and the surrounding community.

Every site requires the selection of the correct application method and treatment chemistry.  In some cases, multiple applications and methods will be required.

Remediation Services Application Method

Factors such as soil type, depth to contamination, targeted matrix, and infrastructure limitations dictate the preferred application method.  It is in this decision making process that ORIN rises above our competition in insuring your project is a success.

Remediation Services Treatment Chemistry

ORIN Technologies’ remediation services treatment chemistry selection is primarily dependent on the contaminant of concern. In many cases, several treatment chemistries are known to be effective for a given compound. ORIN’s experience in evaluating site parameters greatly assists us in making recommendations for the ideal treatment chemistry.  ORIN’s in-house laboratory resources allow us to personally perform treatability testing on site samples.  This hands-on testing capability is critical as observations and results from these efforts can identify successful and efficient treatment programs, and more importantly, eliminate programs which may have unintended reaction characteristics.