ORIN has completed the fifth and final planned injection event at a site in northwestern Wisconsin.  Bedrock injection can be difficult to perform, given the many micro-fractures associated with the matrix.  Manganese dioxide (MnO2), a by-product of oxidation by permanganate, is insoluble in water and may clog the macro- and micro-fractures if special attention is not given during injection activities.  ORIN slowly ramped up treatment chemistry concentrations while continually observing pressure readings until the final concentration was achieved.  ORIN’s specialized equipment and experience can adapt to the ever-changing environment found with chemical remediation.

Each injection event consisted of 25,000 gallons of potassium permanganate treatment chemistry to be distributed over twenty-three drilled injection wells.  ORIN was able to complete each injection event within four days, saving the client money and resources.  Through five planned injection events, ORIN was able to decrease overall concentrations from 2,040 ug/L to 21.99 ug/L, showing ORIN’s depth and breadth in the remediation arena.