Hydrogen sulfide in upstream oil and gas operations may be generated within the formation or in high strength water streams stored in ponds or tanks prior to recycling or disposal.  Sulfide poses a serious safety threat when released as hydrogen sulfide gas in addition to causing increased rates of corrosion.  Sulfide can also interfere with specific water recycling processes and pose toxicity issues in states allowing surface discharge of produced water.

The AOTech process has been successfully demonstrated to rapidly eliminate sulfide from both produced water and flow back water streams in upstream oil and gas activities.  The process can be used to treat water continuously or in a batch method, allowing maximum flexibility to operators.  In addition to rapid treatment, the cost per barrel of water treated is very favorable to traditional treatment methods with scavengers or oxidizers.

A typical treatment system includes a metering pump cabinet, chemicals, containment, and injection lines.  Based on the volume of water treated, the total footprint can be as little as a 10×10 area.  All that is required from our clients is 120V power.