Residual hydrocarbons, including phenols, can be present in various water streams associated with oil and gas activities.  In most cases, these residuals must be removed from the water stream prior to discharge.  ORIN Technologies is able to utilize the AOTech advanced oxidation process to rapidly oxidize residual hydrocarbons without the need for extensive infrastructure or support equipment.  Moreover, the speed of reaction often times allows for inline treatment, eliminating the need for extensive on site water storage associated with slower treatment processes.


Upsets or cold weather can impact concentrations of hydrocarbons in process and waste water plant effluent streams.  Increased loading may result in a WWTP being unable to remove the hydrocarbons quickly enough, as may be the result of lower water temperatures associated with winter operations.  The AOTech process is an excellent tool to utilize when a temporary treatment method is required to rapidly reduce hydrocarbon concentrations.  Temporary treatment systems consisting of a metering pump cabinet, chemicals, and injection lines are easily mobilized to provide rapid response to these conditions.


Pipeline cleaning and hydrostatic testing may generate appreciable amounts of waste water.  These solutions may contain a number of constituents, including hydrocarbons and dyes, which must be removed prior to water discharge or biological treatment.  The AOTech process provides a cost-effective alternative to activated carbon and traditional oxidation treatment systems.  Temporary treatment systems are easily mobilized to provide mitigation of the residual contaminants.


Certain Western states allow for the surface discharge of produced water, primarily in arid regions with little or no naturally occurring surface water resources.  In order to be granted a discharge permit, these water streams may require the removal of residual hydrocarbons.  The AOTech process is able to polish these water streams to meet these requirements.