Approximately 3 barrels of water are produced for every barrel of oil, and up to 40% of the volume of fluid used in fracturing operations returns to the surface during cleanup.  There are a number of technologies that are can be used to manage these fluids, such as electrocoagulation, traditional water treatment, and thermal systems.  The AOTech process can be used to improve the efficiency of many fluid treatment systems by providing the convenience of a single chemistry that can reduce viscosity, eliminate hydrogen sulfide, eliminate dyes, and break reverse emulsions.

For systems using more traditional water treatment methods, the AOTech process can replace three chemistries: viscosity reducer, hydrogen sulfide scavenger, and reverse emulsion breaker.  This will reduce chemical handling, increase efficiency, and promote personnel safety.

In electrocoagulations systems, the AOTech process can increase throughput and reduce downtime by minimizing electrode plate corrosion by Hydrogen Sulfide and other corrosives.  A negligible increase in footprint is maintained due to the simplicity of the AOTech application.