Dyes utilized in oil and gas for a number of applications can find their way into water streams which must have the color removed prior to discharge.  Fluorescein dyes used in leak detecting can pose a challenge for service companies tasked with disposal of the water stream.  Dyes may be present in additives utilized in fracing or production activities which may need to be removed to facilitate recycle and reuse of the water.

ORIN’s advanced oxidation process, AOTech, is capable of rapidly oxidizing dyes and removing color with simple treatment requirements.  While traditional treatment methods such as activated carbon and oxidation may be effective, costs and residual chemistry can quickly become an issue.  The AOTech process is capable of providing color removal with a minimum footprint and a simplistic injection design.

Bench top testing of water samples containing specific dyes, or samples provided to ORIN by our clients allow us to quickly establish dose rates and economics of removing color.  This allows ORIN and our customers to quickly establish the efficacy of the treatment protocol.