Oil based drilling mud is often times disposed of in regulated landfills.  Typical standards require that the mud pass a paint filter test prior to being accepted into the landfill.  ORIN Technologies has identified a novel method of quickly stabilizing oil based mud (OBM) without significant bulking.  This allows operators to stabilize OBM on site rather than shipping a liquid mud which must be stabilized by the landfill operator, often with increased tipping charges.

The simple stabilization method utilizes liquid components sprayed and mixed with the mud to rapidly solidify the OBM in as little as 20 seconds.  The solidified mud is then captured in a standard roll off box and ultimately transported to the landfill.  While traditional stabilization methods such as sawdust or rockdust result in up to 50% bulking, ORIN’s proprietary process has minimal bulking, typically around 5%.  This allows our clients to utilize nearly all the available volume of the roll off with OBM rather than paying to ship an OBM and sawdust or rockdust mixture.  This ultimately leads to reductions in transportation costs and carbon footprint based on reduced truckloads of solidified OBM being shipped to the landfill.


ORIN’s proprietary process is also of interest to landfill operators needing to stabilize liquid OBM streams prior to disposal in a cell.  The efficiencies of an automated chemical addition system with a simple mixer vs. manual addition of sawdust would result in decreased manpower costs, reduced bulking to extend the life of the landfill, and increased processing speeds.