Oil and gas operations pose a number of challenges in addressing specific components of water streams generated in drilling, fracing, completions, pipeline cleaning, and refining.  ORIN Technologies offers the AOTech advanced oxidation process in addressing sulfide, recalcitrant organics, viscosity, reverse emulsions, and dyes, among other applications.


Application of the AOTech process in produced and flow back water streams is able to accomplish a number of desirable outcomes with a single treatment, eliminating the need for multiple treatment steps in recycling and oil recovery efforts.  A single treatment is able to control sulfide, break elevated viscosities, and break reverse emulsions.  This ability has obvious benefits in recovering emulsified oil for sale, eliminating safety concerns, extending the life cycle of corrosion-prone equipment, and eliminating formation fouling characteristics.


The AOTech process is an efficient and economical means of addressing sulfide issues in pipe cleaning operations as well as oxidizing residual hydrocarbons from hydrostatic testing activities.  The process is far more economical than traditional treatment methods such as activated carbon and oxidation reactions.  The speed of reaction also allows for generated water to be treated inline rather than batches, minimizing storage requirements associated with slower treatment systems.


The AOTech process provides rapid oxidation of sulfide in generated water streams, just as in the midstream and upstream applications.  Additionally, the use of the advanced oxidation process in polishing residual hydrocarbons and phenols in process water in upset and winter conditions is a valuable tool for waste water plant operators.

Treatment Recovery And Disposal Facilities

Utilizing the AOTech process in treatment, recovery, and disposal facilities achieves a number of desirable outcomes with a single treatment;  sour water loads are easily sweetened with treatment eliminating dangerous working conditions,  unplanned high viscosity loads are quickly broken facilitating treatment and preventing formation fouling,  and reverse emulsions are broken allowing for enhanced oil separation resulting in increased oils sales for the TRD/SWD facility.

ORIN Technologies can provide on site support services or can simply set up a temporary or permanent treatment system for client operation.  Our chemical distribution capabilities allow us to provide delivery to any number of locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.