Remediation: Active Military Base in Puerto Rico

ORIN had the opportunity to travel to Ft. Buchanan near San Juan, Puerto Rico to conduct an Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination injection (ERD).  The project was designed to treat contaminated groundwater affected with chlorinated solvents.  A […]

Remediation: A Successful Active Gas Station Implementation

ORIN returns from central Nebraska having completed in-situ chemical oxidation project at an active gas station.  The objective of this project was to eliminate dissolved phase benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX) compounds.  Activated sodium […]

Remediation: Another Successful Inject & Extract Project

ORIN has completed work at a former gas station in western Nebraska utilizing in-situ chemical oxidation with vacuum extraction.  A dual phase extraction system was previously in place, but was not sufficient in meeting the […]

Remediation: Catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide Injection

ORIN had just traveled to southern Alabama to successfully reduce concentrations of benzene and naphthalene in groundwater utilizing in-situ chemical oxidation.  The site is a former military base with a targeted treatment area of approximately […]

Remediation: Permanganate Injection into Bedrock

ORIN has completed the fifth and final planned injection event at a site in northwestern Wisconsin.  Bedrock injection can be difficult to perform, given the many micro-fractures associated with the matrix.  Manganese dioxide (MnO2), a […]

Baytown Township Groundwater Contamination Superfund Site.

ORIN has begun work on the Baytown Township Groundwater Contamination Superfund Site. The project utilizes both sodium permanganate and emulsified oil in various areas of the site.

Treatability Study: Using Various Oxidizers for TCE, PCE

ORIN sought to compare the effectiveness of sodium permanganate and sodium persulfate treatment chemistries on TCE and PCE contaminated soil.
Total oxidant demand testing for both persulfate and permanganate were performed with site soils.  Oxidant consumption […]

Remediation: Three rounds of injection completed

ORIN completes first of three rounds of injection for pilot testing of extract and re-inject process to create an oxidizing barrier to intercept the groundwater plume.  Project implantation is being conducted to test the treatment […]

Free Product Removal: Another successful free product removal

ORIN completes another successful free product removal project.  Utilizing oxidant injection and vacuum extraction ORIN was able to remove the NAPL free product and treat dissolve phase contaminants.  The project was implemented over a 2 […]