Oil Refinery Pipeline Release

ORIN successfully treated petroleum contaminated groundwater with an enhanced bioremediation chemistry. Contaminant levels were reduced from 4,700 ug/L to less than detection over a four-month period. ORIN’s approach saved the client approximately $28K to $50K over traditional remediation approaches.
Site Characteristics:

Geology […]

Active Truck Terminal Release

ORIN successfully implemented a pilot study utilizing in-situ chemical oxidation to treat contaminated groundwater at an active truck terminal. Petroleum hydrocarbons were the remedial drivers. Due to the large amount of free phase diesel, ORIN recommended a remedial strategy combining […]

Active Gas Station – Powder Springs, Georgia

ORIN successfully implemented in-situ chemical oxidation using catalyzed persulfate to treat contaminated groundwater at an active gas station in Powder Springs, GA. Gasoline and BTEX compounds were the remedial drivers. The site achieved closure status […]