Fenton’s Reagent

Ex-Situ Remediation of Former Gas Station UST Release

ORIN successfully treated petroleum contaminated soil and groundwater with ex-situ chemical oxidation during a pilot study at a former gas station facility. Petroleum hydrocarbons were reduced from 264,700 ppb to less than 10,635 ppb over a two-week period. ORIN’s […]

Chlorinated and Petroleum UST Release

ORIN successfully implemented a pilot study combining in-situ and exsitu chemical oxidation to treat contaminated soil and groundwater at a manufacturing facility. Chlorinated hydrocarbons were the remedial drivers. However, during the tank pull and subsequent ex-situ remediation, a large quantity of petroleum hydrocarbons was also present. […]

Ex-Situ Remediation of an Active Manufacturing Plant

ORIN successfully treated a 600 cubic yard petroleum and chlorinated hydrocarbon contaminated plume with ex-situ chemical oxidation. Petroleum hydrocarbons were reduced from 295ppm to less than 4.4 ppm and chlorinated hydrocarbons were reduced from 200 ppm to non-detect. ORIN’s approach […]

Ex-Situ Remediation of Former Wood Frame Manufacturing Plant

ORIN successfully treated unsaturated soils contaminated with creosote compounds including pentachlorophenol (PCP) and diesel range organics (DRO) using ex-situ chemical oxidation at a former wood frame manufacturing facility located in Lester Prairie, Minnesota. Two different treatment chemistries were implemented due […]