Ex-Situ Remediation

Ex-Situ Remediation of Former Gas Station UST Release

ORIN successfully treated petroleum contaminated soil and groundwater with ex-situ chemical oxidation during a pilot study at a former gas station facility. Petroleum hydrocarbons were reduced from 264,700 ppb to less than 10,635 ppb over a two-week period. ORIN’s […]

Chlorinated and Petroleum UST Release

ORIN successfully implemented a pilot study combining in-situ and exsitu chemical oxidation to treat contaminated soil and groundwater at a manufacturing facility. Chlorinated hydrocarbons were the remedial drivers. However, during the tank pull and subsequent ex-situ remediation, a large quantity of petroleum hydrocarbons was also present. […]

Ex-Situ Remediation of an Active Manufacturing Plant

ORIN successfully treated a 600 cubic yard petroleum and chlorinated hydrocarbon contaminated plume with ex-situ chemical oxidation. Petroleum hydrocarbons were reduced from 295ppm to less than 4.4 ppm and chlorinated hydrocarbons were reduced from 200 ppm to non-detect. ORIN’s approach […]

Ex-Situ Remediation of Former Wood Frame Manufacturing Plant

ORIN successfully treated unsaturated soils contaminated with creosote compounds including pentachlorophenol (PCP) and diesel range organics (DRO) using ex-situ chemical oxidation at a former wood frame manufacturing facility located in Lester Prairie, Minnesota. Two different treatment chemistries were implemented due […]

Ex-Situ Remediation of a Manufacturing Plant Drainage Lagoon

ORIN successfully treated a 5,920 cubic yard drainage lagoon with an oxidizing chemistry. Numerous contaminant levels were reduced to levels to meet U.S. EPA Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) criteria and waste disposal facility limits. ORIN’s approach saved the client approximately $2,000,000 […]

Former Municipal Maintenance Facility

ORIN successfully treated petroleum contaminated groundwater with enhanced bioremediation chemistry. Saturated contaminant levels were reduced from 4,250 ug/L to less than detection over a two-month period. ORIN’s approach saved the client approximately $27K to $60K over traditional remediation approaches.
Site Characteristics:

Geology […]

Manufacturing Plant Chlorinated Release

ORIN successfully treated chlorinated solvent contaminated groundwater utilizing full-scale in-situ chemical oxidation at a manufacturing plant facility. Contaminant levels were reduced from 1,888 ug/L to non detect over a two-month period. ORIN’s approach saved the client approximately $920K over traditional […]