ORIN has completed work on the Baytown Township Groundwater Contamination Superfund Site. The project utilizes both sodium permanganate and emulsified oil in various areas of the site. The treatment chemistry is delivered through temporary injection points driven by geoprobe equipment to a depth of up to 80 feet below ground surface.  Several rows of injection points were completed with an “angled boring” approach, with the goal of influencing the area under a building on site. Success was proven with this method when evidence of treatment chemistry influence was noted on the opposite side of the building.

As a part of the project, ORIN performed radius of influence testing to help determine the ideal injection point spacing and treatment chemistry solution volumes. Prior to beginning injection ORIN installed temporary borings at distances of 6 and 8 ft from the injection point to be evaluated. The time and treatment chemistry volume required to influence the two monitoring points were recorded. ORIN and the project consultant evaluated the results of this test and used the information to fine tune the treatment plan. Following the completion of injection, additional soil samples were collected to confirm influence of the treatment chemistry at specific distances.

ORIN is capable of completing chemical injections during winter months thanks to our specialized injection equipment and experience in dealing with cold weather injections. Handling and moving large quantities of liquid solution during winter weather requires careful planning and attention to detail. ORINs ability to perform injections during the cold weather months is a valuable asset to many of our clients who may be on a timeline for site closure, and can’t afford to wait for warmer weather.