ORIN has created and instituted various policies, guidelines, and protocols to ensure the long-term health and safety of ORIN employees, business partners, and clients.  These policies and guidelines meet or exceed standards established by OSHA and the USEPA.   These policies guide our activities in the office, in the lab, and in the field.  Included in these policies are environmental plans, safe driving policies, drug and alcohol testing, annual physical, equipment operation and maintenance guidelines, workplace violence policies, safe use and application of hazardous chemicals, spill response, and incident review protocols. These practices culminate in Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) documents which are prepared prior to engaging in remediation and water treatment activities.  These documents are utilized for all remediation and water treatment activities prior to mobilization and application.

This focus on health and safety reflects the expressed health and safety goals of ORIN’s ownership and management team.

“It is the expressed desire of ORIN management that there be a goal of zero recordable incidents.  This includes zero motor vehicle incidents, zero OSHA recordable incidents, zero near miss incidents, zero chemical spill incidents, and zero exposure incidents exceeding occupational exposure limits.  Adherence to company policies will assist in meeting these goals.”

ORIN is proud to have had ZERO OSHA recordable cases in over 12 years of operations.  This safety culture has been established by ORIN management and the results accomplished through safety meetings, scheduled maintenance programs, good housekeeping, situational awareness training, and annual refresher courses.  All projects begin with the review of AHA/JSA documents, and are supplemented by daily tailgate safety meetings held at the beginning of the work day and at shift changes.  ORIN also works closely with our clients to insure our collective standards do not leave either party wanting for safer work conditions.  ORIN simply takes our jobs and responsibilities very seriously and we do not, and will not, compromise our standards.