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Chemical Oxidation

ORIN’s experienced with a wide variety of chemical oxidation approaches. Learn more.

Reductive Dechlorination

Reductive dechlorination is a slower process than chemical oxidation, but in some cases is a more cost effective alternative. Learn more.

Free Product Removal

ORIN’s approach utilizes chemical injection and simultaneous vacuum extraction. Learn more.

Metal Remediation

Divalent metals such as lead form insoluble compounds with phosphates, sulfates, and carbonates. Learn more.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment can pose a wide range of difficulties depending on the source of the wastewater. Learn more.

Traditional and Advanced Oxidation

The patented AOTech process works by combining proprietary activators along with oxidants to generate hydroxyl radicals. Learn more.

Hydrogen Sulfide Treatment

Used to eliminate odors generating public complaints and control hydrogen sulfide. Learn more.

Oil & Gas Application

Oil and gas operations pose a number of challenges in addressing specific components of water streams. Learn more.

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What Client’s Say

I appreciated ORINs attention to detail; checking monitoring wells for breakthrough, accurate record keeping, and timely post-injection summary.
Thanks for the help interpreting post-injection monitoring data.  Your experience with the treatment chemistry shows.
State Regulator
ORIN provided valuable input on the ideal injection chemical blend. Laboratory confirmation of its effectiveness for the site soils/contaminant before mobilization proved very useful.
ORIN injected 122,578 gallons of treatment chemistry injected in 7 days.  Injecting on 6 points simultaneously saved over a week of time in the field.
It is refreshing to have a contractor be up-front with the client about difficulties that may be encountered during an injection, with effective resolutions in the back pocket.
ORIN completed site closure with one injection, where another contractor estimated at least three with their product.
ORIN took care of everything from ordering and receiving the chemistry, extraction well installation, chemical injection, to site restoration. The turn-key service allowed us to focus our attention on other tasks the site required.